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Law of the Desert Born by Louis L'Amour Graphic Novel Comic Book

"Well, they'll never be able to guess
what's going to happen next!"

...Charles Santino

The first graphic novel adaptation from master storyteller Louis L’Amour is
a dynamic tale of the Old West that explores the borderlands of loyalty
and betrayal with the emotional grittiness of a noir thriller.


The Making Of A Graphic Novel: Louis L'Amour's
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Join author Beau L'Amour and Eisner Award winning illustrator Thomas Yeates on their two year adventure to capture the gritty detail of this noir tale that spans the deserts of the American South West and a lifetime of experience. Walk the original paths that writer Louis L'Amour traveled in his "Yondering" days and see how the buildings and towns, desert landscapes and lava fields influenced the plot and inspired the amazing artwork in this stunning, hardcover graphic novel adaptation of this thrilling Louis L'Amour story.

Louis L'Amour
LOUIS L’AMOUR, truly America’s favorite storyteller, was the first fiction writer ever to receive the Congressional Gold Medal from the United States Congress in honor of his life’s work. He was also awarded the Medal of Freedom. There are more than three hundred million copies of his books in print worldwide. Discover more about Louis L'Amour and all his works at the official web site: WWW.LOUISLAMOUR.COM

Beau L’Amour
BEAU L’AMOUR grew up among the writers, actors, beatniks, Apache Indians, Asian arms brokers, FBI agents, and members of the Hollywood Ten who were the denizens of his West Hollywood neighborhood and his parents’ friends. He graduated from California Institute of the Arts. Over the years, L’Amour has written and produced a series of more than sixty audio dramas and worked in the radio and magazine business, then as a screenwriter and television producer. In the world of book publishing, he has been an art director, literary editor, and ghost writer.

Katherine Nolan
After receiving her MFA in screenwriting from UCLA, KATHERINE NOLAN wrote and edited audio dramatizations and screenplays based on the short stories of Louis L’Amour. Traveling the southwest and poring through dusty archives, she worked with Beau L’Amour tracking down the details of his father’s extraordinary life. She has published a book of essays and currently works as a writer and editor in various media. Katherine lives in South Pasadena with her husband and two sons.

Charles Santino
CHARLES SANTINO scripted the Jack London pastiche “Blood and Ice” for Savage Tales, his first pro assignment. With Michael McDowell, he collaborated on the psychological horror novel "Toplin." Plotting and scripting "Conan the Barbarian" for Marvel followed. He adapted the first graphic novel based on the work of Ayn Rand, "Ayn Rand’s Anthem: The Graphic Novel", with artist Joe Staton. Although he admits that he “can’t draw worth a lick,” he storyboards his pages before writing a prose script, “so I know it’s going to work.”

Thomas Yeates
Eisner Award–winning comics illustrator THOMAS YEATES is highly influenced by old-guard illustrators like Harold Foster and Al Williamson. Originally from Sacramento, Yeates eventually moved to New Jersey to attend the Joe Kubert School for two years. Since then he has worked as an illustrator, focusing on high adventure in the comic book/graphic novel field. Illustrating a Louis L’Amour western story is a dream job for Yeates. He is currently the artist on the Prince Valiant Sunday strip, another dream job.

Paul O'Dell
Long time collaborator and family friend, PAUL O'DELL brings his unique set of marketing, web design and photoshop skills to the project, digitally retouching, cleaning and editing each page as well as developing, designing, and implementing the Internet footprint for the book. In addition to his work on LAW OF THE DESERT BORN, Paul manages all of the L'Amour web sites and has produced and edited several of the Louis L'Amour Dramatized Audio Books, an ongoing project with "The Diamond of Jeru" still in post production.


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